Christian people and healthcare

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

The founders of the company were good Christian people and they got into the healthcare industry to help others not just for a profit. Because of this, they have been a very productive company and have had a great positive influence on a large part of the state of Texas. With many years of service under its belt, the company I work for has turned itself into a fixture in this area and this would not have happened without a well rounded ethical system in place. In my place of work the employees that I work with do not actually have face to face communication very often. Being in a home health environment means that most of the work done is completed in our patient's home.

Some of the holiness concerns that I have came across while working as a home health nurse are trying to balance your priorities of putting God first even though it is difficult at times with certain patients that are seen. There are a lot of patients in the home health community that are Christian. On the other hand there are also a lot of patients that are not Christian and do not serve the Lord. When I come in contact with patients it is usually noticeable by the surroundings in which they live, whether or not they are of Christian faith. If a patient mentions anything about God I like to bring Him up in the conversation. When this occurs it usually helps the patient and makes them feel better regardless of what may be wrong with them.

With many of today's organizations, and managers...