A Christian perspectavie on cloning in a short essay format.

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The facts surrounding how the earth came into existence have been in question for a very long time. Atheistic scientists believe that our universe simply "popped" into being, while Christians and other religions believe that it was created. Some scientists do not put the same value on life as Christians, because of differing opinions of the soul of these people. Also brought into question is when a person is a person, and if a person is created, does it posses a spirit? As scientists have successfully cloned the first human embryo, these questions press deeper into the consciousness of society. There are several different views, predominately held by scientists and Christians.

Many scientist have stated that human cloning should be used only for the use of stem cells. Still others insist on cloning babies for people to live and grow among us. This could pose many opportunities and downfalls.

Cloning could be useful in that it could provide infertile families the chance to have children. Also, children could be engineered to be what the family wants, and to be free from disease and birth defects. The downside could be to the fact that it may take vast amounts of research, and therefore money, to be a reality. It would also be a hefty price upon the heads of perspective clients. But one must ask themselves: is this "playing God?"

Christians have many negative views of this topic. The main objection is that the person would not have a soul. They also say that the countless "experiments" that failed were children who died without the chance to live. This may also put a lower value on human life, as to think that another, better, faster, stronger child could be constructed in a laboratory somewhere. They also fear that these...