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Christianity is a religion based on relationship with God, the maker and Lord of the world and universe. Christianity places great importance on worshipping God, belief and doctrine. They believe that there is only one God which is the God of trinity; God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

The word "Christian" comes from the word Christ which means God's people. Christian believes that Jesus Christ is the son of God which sent down from heaven to free men from their sins. Bible is the holy book use by Christian.

3.1 Brief History and the Christian Denominations

Faith is connected to Jesus Christ where Christ means deliverer (send by God to save the world). The Jews believe that Jesus was a prophet who came from Jewish community. Their teaching is based on the bible which consists of two testaments which is the Old Testament and the New Testament.

The Old Testament is about the preparation and implementation of God's promise about the birth of Jesus Christ whereas the New Testament is about the testimony to the life, death and triumph of Jesus Christ.

After the death of Jesus Christ, his closer followers worshipped God through him. The word resurrection signifies Christ's victory over death. The stories of Jesus Christ were presented and preach to the Christian and were spread among the community by words of mouth. Later the material was compiled into four gospels.

Christian has undergone great changes after that. It has broken up into five main sects or denominations;

1.The Orthodox Church

2.The Roman Catholic Church

3.The Lutheran Church

4.The Calvinist (or Reformed) Church

5.The Anglican Church

3.2 Christianity and Human Development

Theory of Christianity says that spiritual development of man's relationship with

God is far more...