Christianity, Scienctific Revolution, And Industrial Revolution

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In my opinion, the three most important movements that transformed Western Civilization should still apply to our lives. I feel that the rise of Christianity, Scientific Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution are the three most important events in past. I will back up my opinion with fact based on my beliefs, notes, and text books required by class, in hope that I can cover the basis of these very broad areas.

The reasons for the rise of Christianity in the Roman Empire can be attributed to a series of events. The "good emperors" had a long, prosperous reign that was ending around A.D.180, which set the tone of the Empire suddenly changing from the prosperity of good government into the depression of a military dictatorship that was far worse than the system the general public was used to. Also, there were many other nations looking to expand their own borders into the Roman lands as the military of the Empire was dwindling and the population base of the Mediterranean area was declining.

There was also a decline in the agricultural development due to the population implosion as small farmers began to abandon their farmlands. The urban centers began to have huge slums since the crowd of people could not be supported in the economic system of the cities. In short, the rich got richer, and the poor hit rock bottom. This is when Christianity gave the people a new kind of hope.

(Spielvogel 111-118) Christianity was unlike many of the religions of the time, and because of this there were a few factors that helped it grow and prosper. There was no hope of ever getting out of the poverty- stricken life that many of the people were burdened with. Christianity gave them promises and hope of a better...