Christianity vs Islam

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Christianity and Islam: Similar or Different? You Decide!


Robby Krieger

Mr. Roger Chan

Gen Ed 110.16

December 1, 2011

A major contemplation with people today, concerning religion, is the fact that most religions seem to have the same outline on how to live your life. There are so many similarities and differences between religions and nearly all ask of the same thing from their followers. Christianity and Islam are among the many religions to have similarities and differences. They are both instructed by one god through a holy book which tells stories and teaches advice and guidance. Both Christianity and Islam share similarities in their teachings, ideas, and beliefs but also many differences in the ways that these take place.

Christianity and Islam recognize only one true deity that went by the name of God. He was the creator of all who live. The Arabic word for God is Allah.

Christianity does not have a prophet like Islam does; it has the Holy Trinity which is God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus was the son of God who was born to spread the word of his father and to teach his ways. Islam has had many previous prophets earlier in time but Muhammad is the latest prophet. "… Muhammad underwent a profound spiritual experience that transformed his life and left a deep mark on world history" (Bentley, 261). He experienced visions and messages through the archangel Gabriel sent from Allah. Christianity and Islam both recognize the archangel Gabriel as a special messenger of God. Both religions share a similar belief in an afterlife. According to Jesus and Muhammad, if you followed God, did as they preached, and were faithful then you would spend an eternal afterlife in Heaven; a place of supreme divinity that words cannot...