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Christmas: Every Evergreen's Nightmare All through the year, they wait for a joyous celebration. This period, when their world is filled with music, their ground blanketed with snow, and their cities a patchwork of red and green, is the time I have come to know as "Christmas." Alas, for me this celebration is hardly joyous. You see, my time in this world has been violently cut short. In the past, I had only heard the rumors, but you never think these things can happen to you. Until one day, I stood alone, not bothering a sole, when I was viciously hacked from my roots. Without a moment to bid farewell to my family and friends, I was carried and heaved onto an enormous truck.

I was delivered to a community of some sort and placed with trees of my approximate height. It was a welcome environment in which we all discussed our experiences and our stories from home.

I was even reunited with some of my friends from the forest. As the days pressed on, each longer than the next, my friends were taken away. In one moment of horror, I saw an acquaintance of mine tossed, without care or emotion into a machine so inhumane, I cannot begin to embellish upon its destructiveness. I came to know it as "the chipper." Hoping to escape a similar fate, I put my best branch forward, and was soon purchased by a kind family with two children, and a dog- a very "spirited" and "energetic" dog.

At their home, I was treated quite well except by the dog, which found great amusement in pulling at my branches, and lapping up my water. I was soon decorated with bright lights, garland and ornaments. Then, gifts were placed underneath my boughs, from each member of the family to the other- even a bone for the dog (how I hated that dog), but nothing for me. Soon after Christmas past, I was neglected, no longer receiving my daily water.

Come New Years Day, my limbs were sagging. Shortly after, I was stripped of my brilliant decorations and lights. As I speak to you now, lying on the curb outside their house, awash in a mush of snow and dirt, I advocate to you all, treat your Christmas tree with care, after all we have feelings too.