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English 101


I bet, we all could remember a special time of the year, when the smell of pine trees fill the air, and the aroma of mama's, freshly baked apple pie glazed the air, and our stomachs became filled with anticipation. The sound of bells rang, ding-dong -ding-dong, and the sound of young children eagerly ripping through brightly colored wrapping paper. The lights hang high and low all over the streets from house to house. People gently bump you, as you make your way through the department stores searching for that perfect something for some one. Yes, all the while the pile of credit card bills grow, almost as fast as weeds during spring. Welcome, we call this special day Christmas, a time when people try to be friendly and have the holiday spirit all in the name of Jesus;

However, Jesus is not the origin of Christmas.

Instead Christmas is a holiday that constantly changes and evolves with time remaking itself to become a product of its time.

Nevertheless, People countiune to celebrate Christmas as Christ birthday. However, the writers of the sacred scriptures never mention the birthday of Jesus. What they do state is the exact date of Jesus death. That date is specific, the fourteenth day of the Jewish calendar month Nissan. Jesus did commend his disciples to celebrate that date; but never did Jesus command any of his apostles or disciples to celebrate the day of his birth. Although, there is no connection between Jesus and Christmas people today countiune practicing ancient ritual associated with pagan traditions; such as gift giving and the decorating of the home with greenery. Now that it's clear that Christmas is not bible based, but a men made idea; let us find the true roots of this seasonal festival.