A Christmas Carol

Essay by aorman October 2014

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On Saturday December 1st, I saw "A Christmas Carol" performed at the Hippodrome Theatre.

After watching the play, I felt that the set designer, Carlos Francisco Asse, did a great job. I think everything flowed smoothly; changing the set for each different scene was easy and didn't disrupt the audience's vision of the play. The base of the set being tall windows framing the stage worked well for every room they had to portray during the play, whether it was Scrooge & Marley's shop, Scrooge's bedroom, the Cratchit household, or the old school room. I also believe that the way the actors rolled each set in worked very well. The design of all the props and pieces on the set also helped establish the timing of the play. The opening scene is in Scrooge and Marley's shop and effectively set the time setting of the play by having old time desks with ink quills to write with and a furnace in the corner that heated the room.

Also when we are taken into Scrooge's bedroom at night, the bed is rather extravagant and showy like those of older times with the high bedposts and curtains drawn above it.

The most effective character of the play was Ebenezer Scrooge played by Rusty Salling. He portrayed the character very well with his gestures, facials and voice. He effectively made himself seem like a cranky old man. His best moment was when he became happy and excited about Christmas. At that moment, Salling was able to effectively change to a whole new character personality without any trouble. The audience clearly saw the change in heart but not a completely different person, just a newer Scrooge.

The director of the play, Sara Morsey, did an excellent job putting everything together. I believe she casted...