Christmas Story

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The Power of a Quarter

During our annual sleepover, cuddling in Ashley's soft and comfortable king-sized bed, Yoyo told us about her dream. In her dream, Ashley, Dawn, and I were the characters, interacting with her sub-consciousness. Usually, Yoyo doesn't let other girls into her head easily; this shows that she is absorbing us into her realm of thought. She sometimes isolates herself from the rest of the world so that she won't get hurt by other people's lies and abuse of her trust. This is why Ashley, Dawn and I invited her to our sleepover.

In the dream, Ashley was trying to get a Gucci purse that hung loosely on a tree. Dawn was holding her Christmas present, a complete set of M.A.C. makeup. She jumped up and down excitedly, and the slight earthquake caused the Gucci purse to give in to gravity. As soon as Ashley picked up her present, she shouted for joy.

And I was lost in Yoyo's subconscious journey. They were looking vigorously for me, and then they discovered me picking up pennies from the ground.

"Perhaps, I could spend it on a prank call!" I said jokingly.

"I'm not sure about that!" said Yoyo with a frown, "Maybe there is a meaning to this dream, you think?"

"I think I'm going to pass out now", explained Ashley, and with a big yawn she spoke her last word of the day, "goodnight."

It's six o'clock in the morning and I'm waiting outside Seven-Eleven for mom to come and take me home for Christmas. I feel the rough wind scratching my face and I'm standing here at an ungodly hour, half-asleep like a brain-dead zombie. Slowly, I see the run rising, lighting the wealthy, royal neighborhood, also a homeless guy with a cardboard sign and...