Christmas then & Now

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Christmas; Then & Now

By: Jessica Porter

While growing up, Christmas was my favorite holiday. As a child Christmas was an exciting event, but now as an adult it feels like a chore. Christmas has changed so much in recent years for me, that I don't look forward to it anymore. It's too commercial and people don't think about the real meaning of Christmas

It was a week before Christmas when I was 9 years old and I had little to nothing decorated, we always decorated late because our cat loves climbing the Christmas tree and knocking all the decorations off, we decided to put it off for another few days. It was December 23rd, when we finally put up the rest of the decorations, and my favorite part, the Christmas tree! A big freshly cut Christmas tree, decorated in colorful lights, shiny bulbs and silver tinsel. My mom never put the Christmas gifts under the tree until Christmas Eve because my older sister would always goof around and look at her gifts before Christmas day even came.

I noticed something different this year; my mom had let us put everything out days before she normally does this was the year everything changed for me..

I watched as the sun began to slowly brighten up the dull winter sky. I had been up for about an hour, listening to the soft sounds of the squirrels scrambling on the icy tree outside my bedroom window, and the ice slowly scrunching together out in the harbor in front of my house. The time on my alarm clock was read 6:15a.m. I had always been an early bird, ever since I could remember. I sighed and curled up with my dog thinking about what I was going to do that day,