Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus: Character Sketch

Cristoforo Colombo, a man, was born in 1451 in Genoa, Italy. Today he is known as, Captain Christopher Columbus. He has vacant grayish blue eyes, the color of the ocean after a fuming storm. His erect and burly body arrogantly paces the deck, as he anxiously fumbles with his rosary. His undulating red, salt encrusted hair eerily sways with his dull Franciscan robe that falls just above the brim of his sunburned boots. It was all but hushed as the enthralling clamor his boots made on the weathered ship's floorboards. With his gaunt body, he prowls about his crew as they gawk at his ghostly, aged face with trepidation. When he talks in a cacophonous voice, his hawkish nose rests upon his brackish lips.

Columbus believed to be a man of God; felt God had singled him out for his voyages of discovery.

Nonetheless, he was a strategic swindle. He taunts his crew with false reckoning of nearby ground, deceiving them into believing the terrain is closer than what it is. However, behind closed quarters, he conveys a farther, more precise computation, but why? He is a greedy and self-interested man. With his competitive nature and his unwavering knowledge, he stands to gain 10,000 marvedis if he discovers the land first. He is first-class at being deceitful, but very reassuring for example: when they were sailing, and the Pinta said they saw land, he said, "No you didn't. We must go this way like the compass says." He swiftly pleased his crew by saying, "We're going to find land. Hang on," again, calming them with deception.

Being money famished his voyages were primarily economic in nature; Columbus expected to discover something valuable during his endeavors'.