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Chromatography Lab #31

Filtration: process of separating matter from a substance by causing the latter to pass through the pores of some filter substance (may be gravitational or vacuum)


Collect materials

Clamp the flask in the ring stand

Add Buckner funnel to the top of the flask

Place piece of filter paper (with pores small enough that only the liquid passes through) in the funnel so that lays flat in the funnel and covers the entire area

Connect side-arm flask to vacuum and vacuum to create a low pressure system

Wet paper with small amount of solvent

Turn on vacuum and pour mixture in flask

Wait until all of the solvent passes through

Rinse the impurities out with solvent

Disconnect Buckner funnel

Remove filter paper with tongs and collect the remaining substance on the filter paper.

Distillation- the process in which the boiling point of a mixture is used to vaporize part of the mixture and then transfer that vapor to another area where it can condensate.


Collect materials

Pour mixture into a flask

Attach outlet tube to opening in flask

Attach a condenser to end of the tube

Heat flask to a temperature where a component f the mixture will vaporize (boiling point)

Allow time to vaporize

The vapor should then go through the tube to the condenser

Cool the vapor so that it condenses

Results in the separation of components of a mixture

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