The Chronicals of Lance: Gift of a thousand worlds

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ok, here's the entire story. Yup right here in one piece. in the end i only did 8 pages for the 15 page project, but hell i got room for improvment... a few years of improvment. I probably wrote more than anyone else in my class too so there.

"And God shall save those with the purest of souls" said Sister Catherine as her voice echoed through the cathedral.

"Ok kids, say thank you to Sister Catherine and lets go back home" our orphanage "mother" Clara said. So as we left we told Sister Catherine good-bye and thank you.

Once they were outside they stood across the street, waiting for the bus to show. A child by the name of Lance walked over to the curb and watched the ants crawl through the cracks of the sidewalk. Lance was the son of half rich parents. His parents died when their truck went off a cliff, his family who weren't as successful used up all the money left for him, and Lance was thrown into the orphanage. He swore that he would someday get his revenge.

A truck roared down the road behind them swerving, but Clara was to busy watching for the bus to come to tell Lance to back away from the street. About a block away, the truck started to swerve very dangerously as a nearly bald man in an old jacket sat behind the wheel looking like he was about to fall asleep. Clara finally realized the truck that was heading towards them so she pulled all the kids around her away from the curb except for Lance who was too far to reach. The truck charged forward bearing down on Lance. Lance looked up at the truck that held his death and a suddenly remembered...