Chronicles the history of the American Great Depression. Discusses causes of the stock market crash. Details the events of Black Thursday. Describe the effect of the crash on the country.

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The Great Depression:

A Time of Struggle, Survival and Reform

I. Black Thursday

A. October 24, 1929

B. First day of panic

C. Investors sold stock fast

II. Causes of Crash

A. 1924 to Black Thursday bull market kept prices up

B. People thought stock was a get rich quick scheme

C. Higher wages meant investing more stock

D. Banks lent money on margin

1. Stocks were no longer just for the rich

E. No regulations on banks or stock market

1. Might have prevented this type of investing

III. During the Great Depression

A. National income dropped from $87 billion to $40 billion

B. Great depression struck every individual

C. Economic problems created social problems

Jobs were lost

Families were broken

Students dropped out of school

Suicides were numerous

Businessmen sold fruit on street

People became homeless

Over 9,000 banks failed

IV. Outcomes of the Depression

A. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Developed

Regulations came for banks and stock markets

FDIC started insuring individual's deposits in banks

Regulated banks to prevent lending margins from stock investors

The Great Depression: A Time of Struggle, Survival, and Reform

During the history of the stock market in the United States, there have been many days in which the market declined numerous points.

This is referred to as a market crash. One is called "Black Thursday," which marked the beginning of the Great Depressions.

It was decades ago, when the roaring twenties came to a booming halt on October 24, 1929, as the stock market crashed. It is called Black Thursday because it was the first day of panic and the start of the Great Depression. Investors tried to sell stock as fast as possible on this day. Within the first twenty days of the crash, the value of stock held...