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Reflective Paper

After studying IPC theories, I found out that those theories are related to my daily life closely. It is because the theories can be applied to the case of interpersonal communication. In this essay, I would like to discuss the communication among me and my mother. According to my observation, my relationship with my mother is very bad. I've been think she is very repetitive. Even if what she said, I don't care. This is why I have a bad relationship with her. She thought I didn't respect her. She think I'm perfunctory her too. For example, She often urged me to take a shower. Even she urged me ten times at a night.

Now I have the dyadic consciousness which means a person seek the relationship become more important. (HKBU notes, 2014.) In order to improve the relationship between me and my mother, I made a series of measures to mend the relationship between my mother and me.

Cross transaction occur when I talk with my mother. It is because I talk with my mother with adult self, but my mother talks to me with parent self. Communication will cease when the transactions crossed. For example, one day I got up late. I said :" sorry, I wake up late." My mother said: "How many times I told you to go to bed early in order to able to wake up on time." Then I said: "Can I lend 50 dollars to have lunch?" She said: "No way! Why are you always late? Since you are late, I do not borrow you money!" In this case, my mother talked to me judgmentally and subjectively. However, I was using adult self to talk to her. Therefore, the cross transaction happen.

For achieve the...