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Smoking cigarettes is really bad for you. There are tons of harmful chemicals in just one little cigarette. In fact there are over 4,000 of them!!!! This is a list of just a few of the chemicals in a cigarette. The list also includes some other things these chemicals are found in.

Arsenic: Also found in rat poisons

Acetic Acid: also found in hair dye developer

Acetone: Also found in nail polish remover

Ammonia: Also found in household cleaners

Benzene: Also found in rubber cement

Butane: Also found in lighter fluid

Cadminum: Also found in batteries

Carbon Monoxide: Also found in car fumes

Carbon Tetrachloride: Also found in drycleaning fluid

Ethanol: Also found in alcohol

Formaldehyde: Used to embalm dead bodies

Hydrazine: Also found in rocket fuel

Hexamine: Also found in barbeque lighters

Hydrogen Cyanide: Also found in poison gas chambers

Lead: Also found in batteries

Methane: Also found in swamp gas

Methanol: Also found in rocket fuel

Napthalenes: Also found in explosives

Phenol: Also found in disinfectants and plastics

Polonium: Also found in radiation

Staeric Acid: Also found in candle wax

Tar: Also found in roads

Tuluene: Also found in embalmers glue

As you can guess with all of these chemicals cigarettes can do really wierd things to your body.

Smoking cigarettes can cause al kinds of disease and will also turn your teeth yellow. Some of the things that cigarettes can do to you are give you high Blood Pressure,

high pulse rate, cold hands and feet, carbon monoxide, level increases, oxygen level decreases, high chance of heart attack, nerve endings start dying, loss of smell and taste, decrease in lung function, circulation decreases, respiratory problems, dental problems, nervousness, and depression. Also some diseases that you could get are lung cancer, stroke, chronic lung disease, and...