Cigarettes & Alcohol are Suckering in Children

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Cigarette companies need one thousand new smokers a year. Will your child be one of them? Cigarettes are banned from T.V. commercials because they kill more than one thousand people a year. Alcohol is the leading cause of car related deaths. Unfortunately both alcohol and cigarettes are still advertised near our schools and other places that children play.I think that cigarette and alcohol companies need to stop advertising by schools and places that children play. For more information about adolescents and smoking Click Here

There has already been a law passed making it illegal to advertise cigarette and alcohol near or on the premises of schools. Even though a law has been passed, there are still the same old billboards that say to drink and smoke. The billboards don't even show what real smokers look like .

Instead they show a bunch of athletic, happy people having fun with an unlit cigarette in their mouth, or none at all.

The people who do smoke aren't smart enough to notice the fake smokers on the billboards. Their brains are messed up so that they can't tell what the cigarette and alcohol companys are doing to them. The smokers and alchoholics think that if they smoke the cigarettes on the billboards they will look and feel as good as the smokers on the billboards.

I have seen a blimp go straight over our school at lunch. Any old blimp would have been fine, but not one that has the word BUDWEISER brandished on the side of it. It resembled an evil gray cloud saying that children should drink. A few kids on the playground started cheering for the blimp and then laughing about it. It might seem funny but is it so funny when they are alchoholics with no...