Cigarettes and how bad they really are for you.

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Cigarettes Should Be Illegal

Do you really want your kids growing up in a world filled with cigarette smoke? Your answer should be no.

Cigarettes kill about 1,500 people each day that's more than 450,000 dead Americans each year. That's more than aids, alcohol fire car accidents, suicide, drugs and murders combined. That is ridiculous, more than 3,000 teenagers start smoking each day. More than 1 billion packs of cigarettes are consumed yearly by kids 18 and younger. People who smoke about a pack a day will have the equivalent to 1 cup of tar in their bodies in less than a year, this is what causes smoking to give you bad breath. In less than 5 years you will begin signs of aging such as wrinkles and pale gray skin. If that's what happens in five years imagine what you will look like when you are even older.

Ok how bad is this? A key ingredient in cigarettes is carbon monoxide, what carbon monoxide does is destroy oxygen. So when you inhale this it gets into your blood and destroys the oxygen in your blood. This causes loss of breath and also effects your brain; in other words it slows you down. For athletes this is horrible because they aren't able to think split second like a lot of baseball and football players have to do. And while this is happening, the nicotine is being sucked into your blood. This raises your heart rate, which means your body craves more oxygen, but the carbon monoxide doesn't allow this to happen. That's why a lot of smokers become short of breath so easily.

When you puff a cigarette toxins are being poured into your body. Over time it starts to build up in your lungs and throat and creates...