CINCOM Systems: Business Analysis Organizational Behavior Final Project

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INTRODUCTIONThe company I chose to complete this organizational analysis on is Cincom Systems. Cincom's organizational structure is flat and relies on expertise in key disciplines including software engineering, professional services, presales support, marketing, product management, and senior management. The challenge that Cincom is facing is the retention of a knowledge-centric culture while becoming more accountable and focused on results. The organizational culture promotes knowledge as the founder and CEO sees himself as a mentor as well as successful software entrepreneur. From an organizational perspective, decision making needs to be more decentralized and there needs to be more authority provided to the division and department managers. Organizational power is defined from referent and expert power, and also seniority. The ability to quickly attack new market opportunities is at times constrained by the tendency to resist rapid and significant change. The resistance to rapid change is partially due to the lack of delegation of authority, yet the culture has evolved to where knowledge, insight and mentorship.

There is the need to move from transactional to transformational leadership in this company. The initiative studied is the development of an entirely new division concentrating on the Enterprise Compliance and Quality management (ECQM) marketplace, an area of enterprise software that is rapidly growing due to global compliance requirements from nations including the U.S., the UK, France and Pacific Rim nations as well.

Emotional Intelligence in the Cincom CultureThe Cincom culture, from the audit completed shows moderate levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and transformational leadership in the mid-management levels of the organization and high levels of EI in senior management team. Unusual for a small and privately held software company to not have an authoritarian command-and-control culture, Mr. Nies concentrates on making the company a strong learning culture over one that is purely driven by...