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Eighteen years ago, in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, Caryn and Joe Thompson gave birth to a daughter whom they named Cindy, short for Cinderella. The Thompson's were usually a very happy couple, and along with their daughter, they seemed to be the perfect family. That is, until, Caryn Thompson's secret life of prostitution and dominatrix was discovered, sending Joe and Cindy packing. Father and daughter set off for a small town in Central New York where they could rebuild their lives and put the past behind them. Before they were even settled in in their new home in Rome, New York, their new neighbor Sarah Beil, a divorcee herself with two daughters of her own, was knocking down their door being over-friendly to her new and very single neighbor. Although Sarah seemed annoyingly suffocating with her relentless affection for Joe, he fell in love with her and the two were married almost immediately.

Good to her reputation around town, Sarah was a very proud woman with a lot of money (alimony).She belonged to the best country clubs and only ate at the fanciest restaurants in town. Like their mother, her girls were snobbish and preppy, attended private schools and wore only designer clothes from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, etc. Joe and Cindy, on the other hand, were modest and contemporary. In fact, Cindy, quite unlike her stepsisters, had gentle way about her that even Sarah envied. It was that sweet beauty about Cindy that caused Sarah to hate her from the start. Not only did Cindy's perfection annoy Sarah, but it made her own daughter's arrogance and snobbery stand out like a sore thumb. Despite their obvious differences, Sarah and Joe stayed married for twelve long years, years Joe spent defending his young, innocent Cindy whenever her name arose in conversation because Sarah could never say a nice thing about her. When Joe was suddenly stricken by a heart attack while golfing and died, Cindy was left in the custody of her stepmother. Though it was obvious that things would never be the same, Cindy tried to make the most of her new situation.

However, Sarah saw Joe's death as a relief, she could finally be rid of Cindy once and for all. She planned to send the child back to her biological mother.But the courts ordered full custody to Sarah because Caryn Thompson had continued her life of prostitution and dominatrix and was deemed an unfit mother. With no way out, Sarah was stuck with the child. After about a week of living miserably with a child she hated, Sarah found what she thought to be the perfect solution; put Cindy to work. After all, if Sarah had to keep her, she may as well work for her room and board. So Cindy was forced to take up the household jobs such as cooking, cleaning, laundry. Whatever her stepsisters wanted, Cindy was to do it. Cindy became a virtual slave in her own home. Not only was she expected to keep straight A's in school and do all her homework, but she was expected to keep the house and her stepfamily in tip-top shape in order avoid severe punishment. It was only when Ricky Martin was scheduled for a show at Griffiss Air Force Base 6 years later that Cindy's life got worse. The entire city was welcome to enjoy the benefit concert for area homeless shelters and half-way houses, and Cindy's stepsisters were some of the first to purchase their tickets the first day of sales via the Internet. Cindy's life became so complicated due to this concert because she now had to make sure the girls had everything they needed to look fabulous on top of school and household chores.Cindy's responsibilities grew greater and greater as the day of the concert grew nearer and nearer. She began running errands daily for hair accessories, shoes, make-up, and more, and if whatever she got wasn't perfect, she had to keep trying until the girls were satisfied. With all the work she was putting into preparation for the concert, All Cindy wanted was to go herself, but she was forbidden by her stepmother for fear of embarrassing the girls. When the day of the concert finally arrived, Cindy was busy from the moment she woke up, making sure everything was just right from the tips of their toes to the tops of their heads. She did hair, make-up, tailoring, and even tied their shoes so that her step-sisters would finally leave the house and give her a well-deserved night away from them. Luckily for Cindy, Sarah had been invited to attend a dinner at the country club that same night, so Cindy had the whole house to herself. However, before her stepmother left the house for the night, she reminded Cindy once again that she was not to go to the concert, or she wouldn't live to remember it.When everyone was finally gone, Cindy sighed with relief as she headed up the stairs for a shower. After she got out of the shower, she put on her favorite pair of Old Navy jeans, an old Adidas sweatshirt, and laced up her Keds. She set out for Blockbuster to pick up a copy of You've Got Mail for her big night alone, but took a detour along the way to stop and visit a friend who was a waitress at the Beeches Restaurant on her break. Little did Cindy know that Ricky Martin was enjoying a lush dinner at the very same restaurant she was headed to. When she finally found her friend, she was ecstatic to learn that she might actually catch a glimpse of the Ricky Martin. In fact, all the local camera crews were there with the same idea as Cindy, filming the Latino sensation eating at one of Rome's finest restaurants. However, this wasn't good news for Cindy, because when she finally got close enough to see Ricky, she tripped over a pile of loose wires from the television cameras, sending her shoe flying and falling face first nearly five feet away from Ricky Martin himself. But when Ricky helped her up, he looked deeply into her eyes, stirring up Cindy's emotions, and scaring her too. She was so nervous that when he invited her to the concert, she turned and ran away from him ... wearing only one shoe! After his encounter with the mysterious girl who immediately captured his heart, Ricky Martin was devastated. Although he was extremely dedicated to charity for the homeless, he could not find the energy inside his body to put on a concert until he could see that girl just once more. Because the concert had been local hype for the past 6 months or more, the city politicians went into a frenzy; they would find that girl and the show would go on. Every single police officer was contacted and sent out to look for the mysterious girl that no one seemed to know about, but everyone needed to find. Their main clue: she was only would only have one white canvas Ked.

After being thoroughly embarrassed on local TV, possibly national TV, in front of local official and in front of Ricky Martin himself, Cindy found herself driving and driving, trying to escape her pain and embarrassment until she found herself in the parking lot of King Pin Lanes (closed for the concert) crying uncontrollably. She was startled when 15 minutes later a police woman was knocking on her window. As she timidly unrolled the window, the officer asked if she were Cindy Thompson.When Cindy nodded, the officer empathetically explained that everyone in the city was looking for her and she was to be escorted by a convoy of police officers to the backstage of the Ricky Martin concert. Seeing how distraught Cindy looked and felt, the officer brought her back to the station where she could wash her face and relax before being delivered to Ricky Martin himself.

When Cindy was finally calm enough to go to the concert, she reluctantly went with the officers. The first person to open the door for Cindy, before the officers could even get out of the car, was Ricky Martin himself, who was elated to find that Cindy was fine and willing to come to the concert after all.To Cindy's surprise, she ended up in the front row, center stage personally invited by Ricky Martin. The concert was magnificent, every time Ricky looked down at Cindy, he sang louder and danced faster; the show was a hit. After the show, Cindy was escorted backstage by security to enjoy the post-concert party with Ricky Martin and local politicians. But after the formal party, Ricky, who wanted to get to know Cindy better, opted to take Cindy out for a ride and a cup of coffee for a more informal setting.

Of course, Cindy's stepsisters, along with the rest of the city, including her stepmother as well, knew of Cindy's escapades and her rendezvous with Ricky. So when Cindy finally got home around 2:30, the woman were still awake, ready to pounce on their sweet prey. However, Ricky, always the gentleman, had walked Cindy to her door, insisting that he be sure she got in safe and sound.So when Cindy's stepfamily saw Ricky in their doorway, they turned their cynical wickedness into angelic politeness as they fawned over Ricky. Ricky, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with such pathetic people whom Cindy had warned him of. He took her by the hand and drew her close for a quick hug and kiss goodbye before leaving for the night, promising to call her the next day.As soon as the door was closed and locked, Cindy experienced the worst rage of her stepmother along with the ever-growing jealousy of her stepsisters. Cindy was forbidden to see Ricky again, and if he were to come to see her, he would be directed toward the stepsisters in their meager attempt to attract his attention.When Cindy finally made it to the safety of her bedroom, she decided what had to be done. She had to get out of that house as soon as possible. It had been six years since her father's death and she had slaved over her stepfamily long enough.She was eighteen years old and was already caring for three other people, she would certainly have no problem being responsible for herself. So with that, Cindy packed her bags and called Ricky to make plans to get her out of the house as soon as possible. Ricky asked and begged Cindy to stay with her, maybe not forever, but until she could find a decent place to live and a job. Cindy accepted, hoping it would lead to bigger and better things, and maybe a relationship. She never slept that night as she packed and wrote a note to the evil women she couldn't wait to leave behind. Cindy was out of the house before dawn, and vowed to never lay eyes on those women ever again as she drove away toward her new life with the man of her dreams.