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1. Casablanca is a film that both men and women can relate to. Men relate to this film because of the war and the story of the war, women can relate to the love triangle between Rick, Lazslo and Ilsa. Men may find the film more about war than romance but for the most part, men are more interested in war than women and women are more interested in romance than men. Therefore if you asked a woman if Casablanca was a war film or a romance film she would probably say it was a romance film and a man would probably say it was a war film. I got to answer this question first hand when preparing for this essay. I watched the film with my father and when it was over I asked him what he thought, romance or war, he responded that it was a war film and that if it was a romance film he would not have watched it.

I, on the other hand, thought for sure it to be a romance film.

Comparing Casablanca to A Bridge Too Far is difficult for me because I did not find the movie romantic whatsoever where I found Casablanca very romantic. The war story in the two was similar but I think that the mixture of the war story as well as the romantic part in Casablanca makes Casablanca stand well above A Bridge Too Far.

A Bridge Too Far is a great war film and if Casablanca was looked at in a war like manner it too could be considered a great war film.

Sergeant York could also be compared to the war parts in Casablanca but without the romance in the film, again I find it difficult to make a strong comparison of the two.