Nurul Adreena Burhanuddin


Cinema is defined as a movie theatre which is a place where people gather to watch movies or moving images/motion pictures as it was called back then in the year of 1890s. The first moving film, which was put on the show in 1895, had terrified the audience when a train is made to loom from the screen into the auditorium. To what extend had the cinema or the movie itself had affected the life of the viewers and how it has changed the way humans perceive the world.

The concept of cinema where people gather to watch a common film, which attracts their attentions creates an environment with the sense belonging and togetherness. Looking into McLuhan's perspective of viewing media as an extension of human's sense; I suggest that the movie is an extension of human imagination as well as the sense of sight and hearing.

Things which are beyond our imagination and most likely not to happen can be made and achieved through the creation of movies. Especially now, with the equipment of modern technology, it has become easier to manipulate the reality and the logic of life in bringing the idea of things which are impossible to happen. For example, the Sci-Fi movies which uses a lot of editing and SFX creates a path for the audience to see things which all this while had been confined in their imagination. The way we interact with this medium may be considered as cold interaction as we often have no complete information about the true stories and the logic behind those movies. The limited information we obtained from those films, lead us to make an assumption and further development or interpretation of the stories portrayed in the movies. Thus, proving that it has become...