Circuit Court Visit. This is a paper describing an obervation at Macomb County Circuit Court.

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Purpose of a Motion Day

The purpose of a motion day is to allow the courts to hear certain types of issues on one day to create a speedy flow in the management of cases. In other words, the judges' dockets and peoples' motions are heard in a cohesive order which allows for efficient management of cases and can improve cost effectiveness. Monday is motion day in the Macomb Circuit Court.

Important Characteristics for a Judge

There are four equally imperative traits I feel a judge should encompass; fairness, legal analysis skills, diligence, and decisiveness. For a judge to make a ruling on a case, he or she must be impartial; to have a bias would mean that neither party is truly getting a fair trial. When a judge can apply and evaluate the law properly, most likely both parties involved will get a just ruling and the chances of appealing the ruling will be greatly decreased.

This directly correlates with diligence. It is vital for judges to apply themselves to each case equally and not take the popular stand but uphold precedence. Finally, the judge must be able to make a firm decision, one that is fair, and based on the law.


Name and Location: Macomb County Circuit Court, 16th Judicial Circuit Court, 40 N. Main, Mount Clemens, MI 48043

Date Visited: February 27, 2006

Names of Judges Observed: Judge Diane M. Druzinski, Judge Mark S. Switalski, and Judge Edward A. Servitto, Jr.

The first courtroom I was able to attend was the courtroom of Judge Diane M. Druzinski. The case that was brought before her that interested me was People v. Pulte Homes. A lady named Tammy appeared on behalf of attorney Lynch, who was unable to attend that day. Tammy announced herself as a staff...