CIrque Du Freak by: Darren Shan - Reading Log(first 14 chapters)

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Novel: Cirque Du Freak

Author: Darren Shan

No. of Pages: 106

Plot Summary

The novel starts off with an introduction that is very important because it makes the story ten times more interesting than it already is. In the introduction the author writes in first person about how fascinated he is with spiders and how he used to collect them even though it drove his mom crazy. He loved being scared a lot. The author also stresses a lot on the reality of the story and says that he hasn't used real names or locations in his story. He doesn't really give us the reason behind all the secrecy, but instead he says that we will understand when the story comes to an end.

Darren is an ordinary schoolboy about the age of 12 to 13. He has three best friends in the school: Steve Leonard, Tommy Jones, and Alan Morris.

All are popular guys in the school, especially Steve Leopard who is Darren's closest friend. Steve Leonard used to be one wild child. He raised hell wherever he went, got into fights, and stole from stores. Steve's reputation had softened over the years because his mom took him to see a loot of good counselors who taught him how to control himself, but he was still a minor legend in the school and not someone you messed with, even if you were bigger and older than him. One day, after their usual soccer game, Alan found a flyer for a circus. But it wasn't any ordinary circus, it was called Cirque Du Freak, which mean circus of freaks! This circus had all kinds of weird people in it such as a snake boy, a bearded lady, Larten Crepsley and his performing spider Madam Octa and lots of other...