CIS 319 Accuracy Data Input

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In this paper I will explain why the accuracy of data input is important. The accuracy of data input is important and used for so many reasons. The many different things to consider when deciding which technique to use for the best data input. The world now communicates with computers through input and output devices. The typical user will enter the input data into his or her system through input devices and receives output information through output devices. It's tremendously imperative for businesses of today to select the right input and output hardware for its current information system. The most frequent areas of input devices in the business world of today are the printed questionnaires, telephone surveys, bank checks, retail tags, and long documents.

Printed Questionnaires in the printed form are frequently used in all businesses today. The greatest form of data input would be the use of the keyboard.

The keyboard is the best choice, but the most rational choice as well. In today's world, it's no longer normal to type documents on a typical typewriter anymore. With the use of the computers and word processing programs to type long documents is made easier and there is more accuracy with the programs. A computer is ineffective without some form of a keyboard; as a result it's the most reasonable choice for an input device. To help with the input device, the best output device would be a printer to print the questionnaires. The input and output device that a business selects depends what information the company would like to analyze for.

Telephone surveysSurveys conducted by telephone are also a frequent business choice that many companies are using. One of the best techniques for this input device is to use a voice activated input devices. This equipment could be programmed...