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AbstractThe need for databases is the heart of running an organization. Databases will provide an organization with an edge over the competition. The two databases that my unit uses are Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. These databases hold all the information about the daily transactions of aircraft maintenance and important information concerning aircraft parts, and equipment. Databases use structured query language, SQL Server, to run security and transactions. The SQL server provides client computers with highly efficient access to database files. The use of database programs has become a necessity to almost every business big or small.

Databases are used to store, manage, and retrieve this information. Each section of the database has its specific function. If database did not exist, we would have to revert to paperwork, which will slow down productivity. Employees would then have to hand write and draft everything on paper. As a result, we also will have to make several phone calls and rely on faxes to accomplish a simple task.

Since we use a database, our employees are able to have access to information instantly.

Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Excel allows you to organize and analyze data to simplify common business tasks using functions in a spreadsheet. Excel includes functions to calculate formulas, perform arithmetic functions, store and perform macros, create graphs and tables, and import data. Excel also allows many spreadsheets to be opened at a time. Formulas are entered at the top of the screen and can be performed on the values indicated. Each spreadsheet can be customized through the addition of headings and various other elementsMicrosoft AccessMy unit also uses Microsoft Access for many functions. I especially like Access because it is the database used regularly. I have found many different ways to save us time and effort by simply...