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Group Collaboration Software

Collaborative software (2006) allows employees to work on the same project from different locations and separate desktop PCs. This technology is extremely beneficial to any organization because it can save time and money. Collaborative software is sometimes known as "groupware" and "social software". These concepts include a wide array of software ranging from project management to email. At XYZ Company, many group collaboration applications are utilized throughout all departments of the organization. Electronic communication, conferencing, and management tools are not just neat gadgets; they have been instrumental in keeping the business healthy in a highly competitive environment.

Electronic communication (2006) tools allow people to share information by sending messages, files, data, and documents. Some examples are faxing, voice mail, and web publishing. The most common type of application is email, which is used extensively at XYZ Company. Every employee, salary and hourly, has specific work email addresses.

We have the ability to send a message, file, or picture to anyone in the company around the world. XYZ Company has manufacturing plants in 40 countries around the world; therefore it is vital to be able to communicate in an efficient and cost effective manner. The email system has a central server in Columbia, Maryland and the IT department controls and manages the process for the North American sites. Email is a great way to communicate, share best practices, and stay in touch with colleagues around the globe. However, email can also hinder. Since the email system can receive messages from anywhere inside and outside the company, time can be wasted filtering through all the junk email. Like most companies, we are operating on razor thin margins and cannot afford to spend time deleting files. To combat this, the company has installed software to block potential junk email. It...