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Stages of ChildhoodFrom the date of child birth and when the doctor cuts the umbilical cord, your mother cradles you in her arms and your life starts. From here the apparent process that everyone one of us has to go through. Some stages require more of an effort on our part than others, but never the less you have to go through: infancy, childhood, and the most difficult adolescence.

Weighing in around just seven pounds and mostly hairless you have very few worries in the world if not none at all. New born infant some of us slept more than 20 hours while others among us would sleep as little as 10 hours a day (Parmalee, Wenner, & Schulz, 1964; Peirano, Algarin & Uauy, 2003). For most of us when we cried we were promptly fed, changed, or comforted, and taken care of in general. This stage of life is marked by the learning of a language, walking, and the understanding of the concept of self.

Everything is new and during infancy not much was left up to us; that’s okay, we were likely to be able to swallow and choke on any small object left near us. The end of this time marks the beginning of childhood.

#2Now being little mobile creatures the ride truly begins. Childhood is usually marked by the beginning of formal education. We clearly now relate to the parent of the respective sex and start forming over time more and more complex social circles. Friend ships that can last a life time are formed. This is also a time where we realize we are not all alike. Some children going into special classes and other being looked down upon by the majority. Still childhood is not a stage to be rushed through like...