Citizen Kane: Intrusion of Privacy

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Chris Dunbar

Professor James

English 101A

14 October 2003

Citizen Kane:

Intrusion of Privacy

The movie, Citizen Kane, gave its audience many interesting and creative shots and scenes. It was able to tease people's minds and was far ahead of its time as far as special effects are concerned. All of the fancy and amazing shots that the movie has do raise a question though. The camera was able to go everywhere whether there was a character or not. The camera was the sole character that truly had its own unique characteristics. What if the media was actually able to intrude into someone's personal life now as well as it did in the film.

The first example of this intrusion of privacy is set in the first chapter of the movie. I call the scene a chapter because scenes in a DVD version of the film are called chapters, therefore I will now call each scene a chapter since I watched the DVD version of the movie.

In the very beginning of the first chapter the camera shows an iron fence with a dark backdrop. On the fence in big, bold letters is the phrase "NO TRESPASSING," this gives the feeling to the audience that guests might want to turn back to where they came. The camera only hesitates long enough to read the sign and then proceeds to go over the sign and into the property. The camera then proceeds, without interruption, to Mr. Kane's personal bedroom in his palace. The camera is the only one in the room with Mr. Kane as he utters his last words. "Rosebud" is less read from the lips of the passing man as the camera is so close you can count the whiskers on Mr. Kane's moustache.

Another example of the media's...