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Citizenship Essay Citizenship is one's conduct as a citizen, the states of a citizen; his duties, rights and priveledges. Good citizenship could include being patriotic to your country, or just helping out in your community. When your country is a troubled time as our's is in now it is important to help as much as you can to get threw a hard time. Helping out in your community maybe being a mentor, doing some community service or jsut doin whatever you can to make it brighter environment.

In order to become a citizen in the United States when you migrate from another country you will be required to take a citizenship test. These test are a little difficult and sometimes found to be hard to pass. You need to score a 60% on it to become a United States citizen. Requirements should lessen a little bit but not to much.

I really don't believe you should have to know so much about the different branches of government to receive citizenship from the governement.

One good example of good citizenship is obeying the laws. It is very important to follow the rules so your community and home can be a more safe and enjoyable environment. The rules are there to keep each individual as safe as possible so it is extremely important that you dont put yourself or anyone else in danger. Another good example of being a good citizen is giving back to your community like in community service. Its always good to make your community look a lot better. It not only makes the people around you feel good about their surroundings but it makes you feel good about yourself also.

There are many ways to show bad citizenship. Many people have found a way to abuse the...