City Of Angels Compared With Romeo And Juliet

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City of Angels Compared with Romeo and Juliet Love can be defined as a powerful emotion felt for another person, in deep affection devotion or sexual desire. But in the end is it really worth it? William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is a perfect example of a love story, but unfortunately it comes with a tragic outcome. The film City of Angels compares with Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet for they have many similarities. Both the story and film follow the tragedy theme, two lovers go to great lengths to be with each other, and both have similar characters whose passion and love overcome their challenging problems.

In the movie City of Angels and the novel Romeo and Juliet both follow the tragedy theme. The only weakness in a human being is that of fear and mortality. Tragedy has at one time or another struck us all. In Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet two youths come together in holy matrimony only to be disappointed by the turn of events.

The only way Romeo and Juliet thought that they could be together is for Romeo to leave and go to Mantua. While Romeo is away, Friar Laurence gives Juliet a potion to drink that will give her the appearance of death. This, in the end, leads to the conclusion of the plan of Romeo to rescue Juliet from the tomb and take her to Mantua with him.

"Romeo, I come. This do I drink to thee…" Juliet is certain of the fact that she and Romeo will, at last, be together forever. After Juliet drinks the potion she is considered dead. Romeo finds out about her apparent death and returns to her tomb. As a distraught lover, Romeo drinks poison in order to die rather than live with the tremendous pain, sorrow and grief of Juliet's untimely death. Moreover, Juliet is not actually dead but how was Romeo to know. Juliet then realizes that Romeo is dead and becomes disillusioned to what has happened. She then plunges a dagger into the center of her chest as a gesture to love. This shows Romeo and Juliet die for each other's love, to be with each other no matter if it's life or death. It is a true case of tragic irony in the film, City of Angels when Seth falls in love with Maggie. Finally, after overcoming one obstacle after the other, the two of them have one night of complete ecstasy. Just as everything seems to be perfect, Seth is enlightened about the mortality of his beloved Maggie when she is killed after being hit by a truck. Love in both instances led to tragedy for the characters.

In addition to tragedy, in both City of Angels and Romeo and Juliet they both show their love for each other. In any relationship there must be some sacrifices Seth, in the film City of Angels, is an angel who must give up his wings and immortality to become mortal and experience emotions and feelings. Love can make a man do irrational deeds but it's the greater power that they desire. Seth finally takes the plunge and gives up his wings. "I would rather, have one chance to kiss her lips and feel her skin than an eternity without." Maggie doesn't have to give nearly as much up to be with Seth but nonetheless, she too makes a sacrifice. Maggie gives up her long-time relationship with her boyfriend, a small but favorable decision on her part. In the story by Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, both Romeo and Juliet alienate themselves from their respected families. Juliet is a Capulet where as Romeo is a Montague. Two families have been cursed with the constant hate for each other. Since the two come from different social standings, it was seen as impossible for Romeo and Juliet to further their relationship. Again, lovers make strange decisions and the two of them ignore the advice from their families and get married. Perhaps the most important sacrifice is the sacrificing of each of their lives. In both the novel and the film it is easily seen their love for each other, both gave up something to be with each other.

As is true in almost every love story, there is a female and a male character. The characters in Romeo and Juliet are ancient victims of Elizabeth time, compared to Seth and Maggie from City of Angels. Maggie and Juliet are both young, beautiful and love struck individuals. Both share the same quality of perseverance when it comes to love. Neither girl will submit and throw away what they are faced with or trying to severe their relationships. Both are willing to do whatever it takes to live a fulfilling life with their soul makes. This is true when Juliet and Maggie take a chance at being heartbroken when letting their hearts tell them what to do. This seems illogical to the two of them because it doesn't make sense. They both are acting with their emotions without the benefit of intellect. The two men on the other hand are hopeless. They listen with their hearts and know what they want and will do anything to get it. Seth must tell Maggie about himself being an angel and take the chance of her not understanding and completed banishing him from her life. Romeo has to tell Juliet about him being a Montague which might frighten her or persuade her not to get involved; stopping their relationships before its even started. The characters are very much similar in love with each other, especially the fact of what date in history they were developed.

Unfortunately in today's society there is not always a happy ending when it comes to love and romance. Shown in the film City of Angels and the novel Romeo and Juliet it is by far that both are evidently the same, by the tragedy theme, two lovers go to great lengths to be with each other, similar characters and obscene passion and love for each at first sight. These types of plays and films keep a reality check on society making sure it knows to take the good with the bad.