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City CouncilWatching the City Council meeting from January 16, 2007; the City discussed some zoning ordinances. On this day there were a few different zoning ordinances brought up. The zoning ordinance was an ordinance that would allow Universities or colleges in the Central Riverfront district and Commercial Office to use this space as well. The reasoning for this is some private universities are now showing interest in these commercial zones.

The city Attorney General spoke of this and the zoning ordinance is brought by Doug Jefcoat of the WC Bradley Company and is requesting the universities or colleges be permitted in the CO and the CRD. Currently universities and colleges are only permitted in the GC zoning district and permitted as a Special Exception in the Residential Office zoning district. This was called the Jeffcoat petition. The people will vote on this issue at the next City Council's meeting. Interest groups that may take part of this are the ones who have interest in expanding the commercial area for universities to have access to the Commercial front.

There was talk in this meeting about some possible problems they could encounter by allowing universities to move in.

The Planning Advisory Commission considered this text amendment at their meeting on December 6, 2006. At this time the Planning Advisory Commission recommended this text change to be approved. The Planning Department also recommends this an approval for this change.

The first concern was parking. Would there be enough parking, since there is limited parking already. The response to this was the private university would not interfere with parking or the traffic flow in this area because the classes are primarily operated in the evenings and on the weekends. I think this would be smart to do or to think about.

I personally like...