City or Country?

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City or Country?

Many people live in the city and many people live in the country; why does each person choose to live where they do? In the following essay I will outline the good and bad of living in both places, then you decide where you would like to be.

Living in the country is wonderful; no cars driving by your house, or honking all the time. When you look out your window at night you can see the stars shining brightly. When evening arrives you can sit out on the front porch and watch the full moon rise and listen to the coyotes howl in the distance. The peace and quiet is very relaxing.

In the morning you can wake up to the sun rising in your window to say "Hello, it's time to start the day!" You can walk around in the house with nothing on and the curtains open, enjoying the sunshine, until you are ready to get dressed for work.

Before and after it rains, you can smell the rain mingling with all the other smells; the sage, blossoms on the hay, and the flowers. One cannot imagine how wonderful that smells, you have to experience it. When you do, you will never forget.

If you decide to go for a walk, there is no worry as to what someone else will do to you, just whether or not you will get lost. You can walk in any direction as far as you want, as long as you take food and water. Collect arrow heads or other artifacts that you can carry with you.

If you love animals, like me, you can have as many animals as your land will hold. Dogs, cats, horses, cows, pigs, goats, or whatever else strikes your fancy. I am...