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The city of my choice is Los Angeles a.k.a city of angels its longitude/latitude readings are 34°N, 118°W.

This city is located in the USA. LA's population is currently 3 694 820 people

Community Total Population Population of One Race Population of Two or More Races: Hispanic or Latino

White Alone White Alone - Not Hispanic or Latino Black or African American Alone American Indian & Alaska Native Alone Asian Alone Native Hawaiian & Other Pacific Islander Alone Some Other Race Alone

City of L.A. 3,694,820 1,734,036 1,099,188 415,195 29,412 369,254 5,915 949,720 191,288 1,719,073

LA is possibly the most recognisable city in the world at the moment, there has been hundreds of great achievements in LA's history such as the first international Air Meet ever is held (1910), it has a huge and proud history of victories and also defeats such as the explosion in 1911 at the LA times news paper print works killing 7 people, multiple other occasions have occurred to lead up to LA as it is today.

LA has kick started several global industries such as ASLA - a huge clothing industry, WTTP - a gas and electricity company, also kick started Shell. there are multiple others these are just to name a few.

There are multiple tourist attractions they include: universal studios, Disney Land, The Golden Gate Bridge, Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California Science Center.

LA is known as the cultural part of the USA, most of its residents are from overseas the most common cultures are: hyspanic, Latin, White and Black, it holds many different traditions you name it, its got it.

LA has round the clock transport services from thousands of taxi's to subways, to planes, to cars, to anything expect trams.

It's climate varies its ussually a very...