City Life and Rural Life

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City Life and Rural Life

Population and the economy growth lead to an increase in demand of land. Now, most of the countryside is constructing high buildings and large mansions; thus, more countryside has been developed into urban city, and it may disappear in the future. Is countryside becoming less important to us? No, there are three reasons can explain it, and they are relationship, health and happiness.

People in the city usually do not have good relationship between each other. They are very busy at any time, even they are eating or sleeping. It is because they can still keep working while having lunch or dinner, and they may also dream about their job too. As a result, there is no longer any working hours because it is restless, and they have to work in order to survive in city life. Their works seem to be unlimited and need to spend their entire lives to do the works.

For the urban dwellers, every minute could be an opportunity, thus; they have to seize the chance, so people do not have time to contact with their friends and family due to their hectic schedules that are filled with school or job. And people become alienated from each other even from their family because they only know how to communicate with the computers. All in all, their relationship becomes unhealthy. On the other hand, in the rural area, people's relationship is much better than in the city. People who live in rural area are hard working too, but they have a steady timetable. They are more relaxed because the economic in rural area is based on agriculture rural. It takes time for crop to grow, so their life is not too busy. Usually they start working at sunrise,