City of the Sun vs New Atlantis

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Bacon insist that humans don't need to aspire to fewer desires because the advances of science would make it possible to appease bodily desires by providing material things and that would satisfy human greed. The Solomon's House is a vision of future knowledge in an intellectual setting. Bacon views science advancement as the path to increase control over nature. His utopia provides comfort and conveniences for all people. Campanella's utopia envisions a society that works together for the common good. People share community property, have a division of labor, and the government is left to the ablest of the people. Scientific breeding is to produce the most able of offspring to improve the society. Both the City of the Sun and the New Atlantis utopias are emerged in science and intertwined with natural magic. Both utopias foresee science as the ideal purpose to solve the problems of the world.

The City of the Sun and the New Atlantis share in several common factors.

The cities are governed by one group of elite or the wisest people. The people all work for a common need and need no money amongst them. To gain knowledge they send out travelers to gather required information. Both have an organization and division of scientific research and taught the knowledge of the expertise. The cities share in their quest to improve society through science or "finding out the true nature of things." The inhabitants of the utopias have chosen self-isolation. They limit their citizenships by limiting whom they allow in their cities. The utopias have a hierarchy of learning, which begins when they are children. It is important that the elite know all and are the most intelligent. They set the example for their inhabitants. It is also their responsibility to administer religious ceremonies. Both shared...