The City Under Ground

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The City Under Ground Suzanne Martel In this assignment I will be discussing how well did the author (Suzzane Martel) started the story, the story, the setting how well where the characters are described, the conflict, the theme, the author's style, also the climax, and finally the conclusion of the story. For each of these subtitles I will answer in full paragraph form.

The author introduced the novel very poorly, Suzzane Martel does not bother to described the city that is under right in the beginning of the novel.

Rather she stars to talk about Luke's adventure to the outside world. There was no exploration of how Luke looks like nor his friend Eric, but ties it in later on in the story. The author's idea was to get you right into the book and hoped that you understand what's happening.

It is the year 3000, the people of Surreal are living under ground because of the devastated world up above them caused by an nuclear attack one thousand years ago.

This makes the story more exciting then it would on the surface, it also puzzle's us, what would the earth look like in the year 3000? In my opinion the author did excellent job on describing the setting in her book.

The major characters in the story where Luke, and his brother Paul, Eric and his brother Bernard that each had they're own part in the novel. Eric's mother Madam 6 B 12, and also his father George 6 B 12, then there is Luke's father Doctor 15 P 9, they are all minor charters in the story. The author incorporate the major characters very easily, the reason is that she talks about them all the time in the story. But for the minor characters, the author squeezes them in with good timing, such as during a dinnertime, or at the work place. For the major characters, the story would have no meaning with out them. But for the minor characters, it brings out the feeling that this is all happening in front of you, just like when Bernard got cut, when he was in the conduits, his father was right there waiting to now more about what happened to his son than anything else. Also with Luke's family when Luke got hurt in the outside world, he'd broken his leg, there was Paul to save him, and later Paul asks his father to come and help them. Suzanne Martel makes a vivid picture of both the major and the minor character, who have internal conflicts and who after developed charge within the span at a short story.

This is the first time when Bernard ever seen a person from the outside world before, and he was scared, it all happened when the city of Surreal got an earthquake, and broke a power line that was draining their energy. Therefore Bernard was sent to fix it, since he was the one that found it, and the only one to fit in through those pipes. When Bernard got to the area where the people from the other world had a circuit breaker, there he began the process of disconnecting the wire and bring it back to the people. As Bernard was doing this, he glanced at the tunnel that the humans had made, suddenly his blood froze. A voice spoke - a voice which did not came from his receiver. A voice which was coming toward him while, far off, a light gleamed in the tunnel. "They're coming!" he gasped into the microphone. His hearth beats sounded like the rolling of drums in his ears. Then when the Chief ordered Bernard to shoot them, as he precedes to do and misses, and hits the side of the wall, that in turn comes crashing down on his feet. That will probably be the last time he will ever see another human.

Now is the big moment for Luke to deliver the medicine to the city of Laurania, where they are fighting a sickness called the Ugly Death (small pox).

Then Luke takes the necessary medicine to give to Agatha to cure the people in Laurania. And of he went to the outer world to help his best friends. When night fell, fortunately for Luke he did not loose his ray helmet, but that would not help, since there are so many obstacles to go over. Suddenly Luke fell and twisted his ankle. "Paul, help! Come and look for me. It's so dark"¦ so dark. I've lost my mask. I think my leg is broken. Oh Paul, I'm frightened! Hurry"¦ Hurry"¦" Paul responded, and ran to help him, when Paul finds the crack to the outside world he rushes outside to find him, after an hour Paul was still on the move walking in Luke's direction. Then a frightened voice, "Paul, there is an enormous beast in the tree over my head. I can see its eyes gleaming, in my light ray. It looks like a huge cat." It was amazing how Paul risks his life to help his brother when he is in need of help.

Eric is the kind of person that will think twice before doing something, he's not like Luke, rather he will plan, and if something goes wrong he will stop and decide what to do, if it is safe or if it is dangerous. It's like when Luke invited him to go on a trip to the outer world. Now he squeezed through the opening on all fours, scrambling to his feet after a few yards. Eric watched him, wide - eyed, too frightened to follow. "Hurry up, can't you?" Luke called back. "Do you want to set off the alarm?" "I'm scared!" Luke was merciless. "You promised to come - so come." There was no other passage like this one in the whole novel, no thinking before doing! Rather there is action before thinking, that's a shame.

Many people wonder about what will it be like in the year 3000, will there be flying cars? will there be peace on earth? or will there be a year 3000?!!! For example will there be an nuclear? Suzzane Martel wanted to share her ideas with all of us about how the earth would look like, her idea of there being an under ground city is a very creative idea. I like the way she described the rules in the city, and how the city looked like. You could tell there is a lot of creative ideas, like how the city gets power, water, and food, and this brings us to wonder, if this is how we will be living in the year 3000? Suzzane Martel is the kind of author that will keep you guessing about what is going to happen next, but later in the novel things get strange. I didn't like how she jumped from one situation to another just like when Paul told the patriarch to get the precious box which he had left behind in the forest. Then instead of showing how they went to retrieve the box, she skips it and then says, four hours later, the village thronged into their little church to thank God for the incredible miracle He had performed. The Ugly Death had been conquered.

This made me very upset, because I would like to see how these men would respond when they saw the bag in the forest, or when Paul gave the medicine to Agatha.

In my opinion the climax occurred when Luke breaks his leg and is helpless in the wilderness, then suddenly there is a big cat on the tree ready to leap on Luke, but fortunately for Luke there's Paul to the rescue to help his brother.

The fight that Paul has, is incredible, and was the best part in the whole novel, for me, but of course there are also an anti - climax in the novel, that were great. For example when Bernard got cut in the pipes, and a little farther, is when Bernard encounters the humans in the tunnel, those where all great parts that I enjoyed. Just take look at this Plot Graph.

The author's conclusion to the story was excellent, the reason is that she finishes all the problems that where started in the beginning of the novel.

Suzzane Martel ties all the "loose ends" of the story, in my opinion she could not make a better conclusion to the story.

So in conclusion, this book is very well written and I recommend any one to read The Under Ground City.