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Constitutional Parliamentary monarchy and absolutism are two styles of government which came about in England and France respectively. However, who can say which one form of government is better or worse? John Locke's idea on government is that "political power is the power, which every man having in the state of nature, has given up into the hands of society, and therein to the governors, whom society hath set over itself . . . "(Locke) Bossuet, on the other hand, says that power is given from the grace of God. The ruler, or person with the power, is the minister of God. The role that religion has in government now is very clear, There is a separation between the two. From the middle ages until recently religion had been a very strongly involved in government. In both England's constitutional parliamentary monarchy and in France's absolute monarchy religion played a big part in the government.

The situations in France and England were much the same in that religion was controlling the government. In France, the Catholics and Henry II disliked the French Protestants. This continued with Henry II's kin. This hatred of the Protestants led up to the Saint Bartholomew's Massacre of August 24th 1572, where 3000 Huguenots were killed. Henry IV was made head of the Catholic Church in France, which still had a major influence in the decision of whom became king. With French Absolutism, the king is, appointed by God to rule over the kingdom as God would if He was here. Everything that the king does is done because God would have wanted it that way. To question the king's/queen's judgements or ideas would be to question God. "It was seen as a perfect form of government, the consolidation of power in the hands of the divinely...