A Civil Action

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A Civil Action By Jonathon Harr Published by Random House Copyright 1996 There were many sub themes throughout this novel. Although it didn't always seem to turn out for the best, ultimately I think one of the themes was: Don't Just Settle. Always push for what you believe in. If you have a goal don't let other people convince you to stop half way, you have keep going. Another major them in the book was: You can't put a price on someone's life. The people don't even care about the money. Actually, what they really want is someone to speak up and take responsibility for their actions.

I learned many things form this book that I never knew before. First of all, I didn't realize that there are companies who could be so careless to neglect nature and the environment, and then try to hide it (and almost be successful, for that matter).

In addition, I had no idea that those pollutants could go so far as to seep into the drinking water and possibly cause such diseases as leukemia. Furthermore, stepping away from the environmental issues, I had know idea it could cost so much to try a case like this. You have to have and enormous bank account to go head-to-head against these big corporations. Furthermore, I never realized all the people that have to be paid for something like this.

There were many ways in which I was able to connect with this book. First of all I always drink water from my tap and never think twice about it. In fact, even when I'm in places far away from home, such as Israel, I have confidence that the water is usually safe to drink. In addition, I know what it's like to loose a loved...