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A Civil Affair There are many different reasons why civil wars occur. These violent conflicts arise in a nation and usually destroy and split the country. The United States felt the pain that civil war causes because of the issue of states rights and slavery. Spain experienced the agony of civil war firsthand because Gen. Franco attempted a coup and tried to install a Fascist government. These two countries experienced civil wars because of political decisions and government policies. The civil wars that occurred in El Salvador and Guatemala were different from those of the United States and Spain. These countries suffered from many problems that neither the United States nor Spain had to endure. In Central America both El Salvador and Guatemala had conditions that were conducive to violent civil war.

El Salvador is a small country in Central America. Coffee production is the major source of income for the country.

With this much importance on one crop, the country began to expand the production of coffee. As coffee production grew, there was less and less land available for the every day farmer to use for crops to feed his family and try to make a living. The Salvadoran government began to take away the opportunities many of the poor had to live on. This lead to a migration out of El Salvador and into Mexico and the United States; however, this still left a large number of unhappy Salvadorans who were still in El Salvador. By the early 1900's the landowners were pressing to get more land for the production of coffee. In the 1960's El Salvador had the worst land to people ratio in the world. The landowners wanted more land and the poor Salvadorans wanted land themselves. The conditions in El Salvador were quickly becoming...