Civil Disobedience

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Henry Thoreau's idea on Civil Disobedience was of government that was begin injustice and not having the conscience state of mind. He was a man who respected nature and loved to live the simply life. In the 21st century we can find these same ideas shared by other citizens. The essay in which he writes states facts that some what exists in today's society such as governments and how to handle it; people begin able to be individuals/ self -reliance and how these ideas are used today in our society. This is not only shared by teachers, and parents but other fellow classmates.

Thoreau's idea of government was that it was very corrupt and injustices because the governments made a habitat of begin too involved with the life of the people. Thoreau felt that the government sometimes got in the way of its own self. For example, the Mexican War and how the government failed to do its job such as educating the people, settle in the West, and become this free country in which the Constitution speaks of.

He blamed the people for being more interested in the commerce and agricultural then the humanity of the African American who were in slavery. Thoreau was not a believer of slavery, matter of fact he was an abolitionists who was just trying to get people to come up to the movement in which he was in. Better know as the Transcendentalism. His theory of the government was that they were the strongest because they prove themselves by throwing around the kind of power they had by taking the land of the Mexico peopled. Thoreau also felt that the government was only successfully in taking the land because of the men that they had involved was only used for the advantage...