Civil Rights

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Civil Rights News Entry #2 The Los Angeles Times Outrage Over Bodies Bridges Racial Divide By: Ralph Frammolino and Edith Stanley In Walker County Georgia, a small racial problem is quickly becoming bigger everyday. Unfortunately, this problem has to deal with the dead. Walker County is a small rural town with not many blacks at all. In fact, blacks make up only 4% of the population. When people die in the town both blacks and whites send there loved ones to different funeral homes. However, when they want someone in there family to be cremated both the blacks and the whites use the Tri-State crematorium.

Tri-State is owned by the Marsh family who built the crematory in 1982. The Marsh's are the only black family respected by both whites who like blacks and white who don't feel to well about blacks. The Marsh family was running their business very well until some news got out into the air.

They were not cremating the white bodies that were sent there to be cremated. Instead they dumped over 300 bodies in vaults and pits as if like those bodies were trash.

Personally, I feel as though these actions are one of the worst things a person can do to anybody, both dead and alive. The dead should be treated with respect. They shouldn't be thrown away nor treated no less than anyone else. It doesn't matter if they were black or white bodies. Bodies are bodies and they should be treated with respect. I still cant believe that this type of racism is still being practiced any where in the world today and especially in the south knowing about what had happened during slavery and the civil right era.

There writers did a very good job in writing this article but...