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A Day in the Life of Mr. Jefferson (from the 1950's until the present)

Introduction: Hello my name is Dale and I am here with Mr. Waverly Jefferson. He is 60 years old. Mr. Jefferson was born to Mr. Waverly and Uleha Jefferson in Hungerford, Wharton County, TX on September 2, 1942. And the summary of this is that we're going to go from the 1950's until Present and I title this as A Day In the Life of Mr. Jefferson. Just to give you some background information he was born in Hungerford, TX and he was raised up on a farm. Are you ready Mr. Jefferson?

First Question: Do you remember President Eisenhower?


O.K. during President Eisenhower's years the economy enjoy one of the greatest booms in history. How did you and your community gain anything from this, when Eisenhower promised his citizens?

In fact, I guess that started a lot of hope for a lot of African Americans because I could remember just to show you how excited I was about President Eisenhower, is well he's was a Republican and uh at the time because he had came back in from and type things like that.

But what was most exciting, our school rented a television and allowed all the students in the school, which was Hungerford Consolidated High School at that time. And we went in and watch that for our Social Studies classes and we watch all of the narration and the whole works so we had a lot of a lot of hope and I could just remember that just that T.V. program and now there wasn't that many TV's in the homes in at that time and uh I was I guess we was uh expecting a lot from President Eisenhower

Back then...