The Civil Rights Struggle Important People and Their Impacts

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Dr. Martin Luther King had significance with...

1. ...the start of the Civil Rights Movement by helping to organize the Montgomery bus boycott, forming the SCLC and FOR, promoted the successful nonviolent resistances, and organized sit-ins.

2. ...the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) by forming the organization of 60 southern ministers to discuss nonviolent integration.

3. ...the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee by organizing the committee itself, and he also stressed the importance of nonviolent tactics.

4. ...non-violent protests by teaching patience and organizing workshops that taught ways to protect and defend yourself against jeerers and physical provokers.

5. ...the March on Washington by making his famous speech in which is expresses his desire for the nation to embrace all people equally without prejudice.

6. ...Rosa Parks by influencing the Montgomery bus boycott and non-violent forms of protest.

Malcolm X had significance with

1. ...the Nations of Islam as a member himself of the organization of a subgroup of the Islamic religion commonly known as the Black Muslims.

2. ...the black separation by preaching that black people should be totally separated from white people on specified territories or go back to Africa.

3. ...Black Muslims, because he was a Black Muslim himself, and he taught the religious justification for black separation.

The NAACP had significance with

1. ...the Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, case, because the NAACP consisted of the lawyers that represented Brown and all segregated school children.

2. ...the Plessy v. Ferguson, because they were determined to overrule the precedent of "separate but equal" to integrate public facilities.

3. ...Thurgood Marshall, because he was their president.

The Black Panthers had significance with

1. ...Stokley Carmichael, because he headed the new self-defending (not non-violent) SNCC and insisted on black power, which was used as a symbol...