Civil War

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Although the Civil war was a massive battle between brothers, neighbors and friends. These gruesome battle caould have been avoided but the leaders of both side keptpolarizing the nuetral minded people to one side or the other.

The U.S. govt. was equally split into halves so bothe the South and North can rule together. There were equal amount of representaives in the Senate so any new ideas that would harm either either side would be stop. A divided govt. can last because each state can make any laws than can't contradict any federal laws. Each state has a different ways to maintain it's growth and production. The northern states don't need slaves because it's got machine to do all the production. The southern states has fertile land taht is great fo farming so they need a lot of help to maintain those vast plantations. If thats how a state can prosper than the cosntitution allowed it.

If both halves left things the way it has been then nothing would happens. The people amongst the state were happy with the decision of slavery in there homes. Now taht these extremist who comes and force people to choose one side for the U.S wether slavery or not. There are people who believes that a countrie's power can't be split down the middle can survive. The thinks the side contradict each other so much that they would foolishly forget the well fair of the people but instead care about stoping the other side.

The abolistionist are extremist against slavery. They think it's cruel to enslave others especailly when the country motto was equal rights for all. Harriet Beecher told a gruesome story about slavery which drove people to be sick of slavery and the South. She exagerate in extent to show her point. She turned slave owner into devils who torture the slves for amusement. Many Northern never been to the South so here is the first time they see whats it all about. Many were enrage and turn abolistiinist themselve. harriet has cause a great polerization.

Many southerners are enraged by the many northerner wanting to banned slavery in the Union. They ptoclaimed that slaves are property and the constittution state that they are aloowed to have property and no one can take it from them. They also say taht the abolistionist are helping the slaves to escape and thats tanking their properties away from them. They don't like the fact that the northerners are tramping their rights. Forcing them to do waht the horth has no right to. They are entitle to opinions but when they take action thats is it. The south were so furious that one by one the southern states start to seceed from the uinon and start a confederation. They won't take these abuse to their rights any longer.

Now we have two oppostie side who will stop at nothing to get what they want. The south want tthe right of salvery. The north want the banned of slavery casue they say it's cruel. This could have been avoided if some people just mind their own business but instead force others to think like them too.