Civil War

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What began on April 12,1861, was an event that would change America forever. The Civil War, or sometimes called, "war between the States" or "The war of rebellion" and "The war for southern independence" was the war that divided a nation into two and set the brothers of America against each other. Divided for many causes, some of which were because of the issues of not wanting and wanting slavery, not wanting and wanting a big government, the United States split into two different nations. The north was still the United States and also called The Union, and the South was now known as The Confederates, each individual state separated from the United States to become independent.

Before the war, the North and South were like two different countries. The North was based on big economies, and industrialized cities. They did little farming due to the infertile ground, and were against slavery.

The North also was based on big governments and having them control and run everything and Abraham Lincoln was there to do it. The South on the other hand, was based mainly on farming the rich and fertile ground, so that is what everyone did. With everyone farming hundreds of acres of cotton and other crops at a time, they had slaves to do the work for them, so they could get more intakes and more money. The south practically depended on the slaves, and they would not give them up without a fight. After the Confederate states declared independence from the United States, they had Jefferson Davis appointed president of the Confederacy.

When it came right down to it, the reason for the civil war was the issue of slavery. The North didn't want it and the South did, and from that came war. In the Preamble...