Civil War.

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What Is A Civil War?

One may believe a civil war is an oxymoron. To most people a civil war is civil if two communities brought their different points to a big meeting and then came to a compromise. Even then one should have doubts of calling that a civil war.

The civil war was the one and only war Americans had with themselves. In other wars America fought for their countries freedom or to assist other countries in need, the civil war was Americans in opposition to Americans, North against South. The civil war was an all American war, where each side had a motive, and a principle for why they fought in this war. Now, centuries later, we've come to the question, "can a civil war be civil?"

In order to get a better perception of the Civil War study Virginia during that time period. Virginia during the Civil War is a scaled down version of the north against the south.

Virginia had the highest death rate and the most battles. The controversy over whether it was a southern state or a northern state was a huge factor to why there was so much death in one state.

The South thought slavery was permissible since they figured they were fighting for Southern independence. In their mind slavery was a way of life and the only way they knew how to get money. The North figured the only way the United States would grow economically is to industrialize. It is a major misconception that the Civil War was fought over the issue of slavery. The Civil War was not fought over the issue of Slavery, it was fought over the South's secession and preserving the Union. The main war aim of the north was to preserve the Union...