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The medical treatment of American soldiers from the Civil War to the Korean War has gradually improved due to cleaner facilities.Due to cleaner facilities, there had been less casualties due to illness and disease.

"Disease was responsible for the death of more Union Soldiers than were the Confederates.Nearly sixty percent of the Federal deaths in the war were the results of disease.About half of those deaths were the results of internal disorders, primarily dysentery, diarrhea and typhoid fever.The other half died mostly of tuberculosis or pneumonia."(Medical Treatment in the Civil War).During the Civil War the conditions of the facilities were very poor. Surgens during this time only had two years of training at the most. There was also a little amont of drugs that could help the patients with pain and help control their illness or disease. Many times patients would have an entire limb removed because of a flesh wound.

The doctor said that it was much easier and faster. Because germs and diseases were spread so easily, there was a high risk of infection and death when pations had limbs amputated (Medical Treatment in the Civil War).

The duties of doctors, during WWII , have changed greatly since the Civil War.The hospitals assigned special personel to make beds, clean and wash equipment and floors and assist doctors in sterilizing instuments.(Batens).Research shows that the death ratio due to illness and disease in WWII is less then the ratio in the Civil War.Surgens,instead of amputating limbs and risking infection and death, used bandages disinfectant to treat minor wounds. The also payed closer attention to all of their patients. The hospitals hiered people to take care of the soldiers. They gave them baths, gave them food, took their pulse readings and they yook...