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Civil War Major Battle:1861 As the men and women were joining the armies, the leaders of the both Confederate and Union began to talk about strategies on how they were going to win the war. The strategies for both sides contrasted each other due to the different war aims. The Confederate's strategy, which had to defend itself from the North invasion until the Northerners felt that the war costed to much money and many lives. The Union's strategies, was thought up by the general-in-chief of the US army, Winfield Scott. Scott's plan was to put pressure on the South, by putting a blockage so that they could not receive any manufacture goods from the European. They also attacked them from all sides, and splitted the South into western and eastern states from the Mississppi River. This plan by Scott was called the Anaconda Plan.

On July 16, 1861, 30,000 Union troops led by General Irvin McDowell began to march to the Confederate capital, Richmod, Virginia.

The place was only 100 miles from Washington DC. As the Union troops march nearly ¾ of the way to Richmond, they stopped and camped at Manassas. There the Union troops met the Confederate Army. They were led by General Beauregard. Then only July 21, the Battle of Bull Run or the Battle of Manassas began. At the beginning the of the battle, with bad judgement from the Confederacy the Union gained the upper hand, but as the battle went on, the Confederates made a come back. This comeback was thanks to Thomas J. Jackson and his infantry. Because of the Confederate Army's fall back, the only infantry who didn't fall back was Jackson. There was one general shouted out, "Look! There stands Jackson like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virgians!". From that point...