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Fact Sheet

Events After the Civil War

On the 15.04.1885, Andrew Johnson was names President after Lincolns assassination and the end of the war.

There were 4 million slaves that had no homes, money and education after the war.

After the war, Pres. Johnson sent 3000 Federal troops to keep the peaces and look out for Black Rights in the South.

The 'Freedman Bureau' was setup after the war to aid any black or white homeless people. They provided 100 hospitals, housing for 30,000 people and founded over 4,300 schools.

Even after the war, laws known as the 'Black Codes' were passed in some Southern States which were very similar to the Slave Laws which were in place before the war.

Many free slaves and even white men responded to the Emperor of Brazil's please for skilled farmers and cotton planters to immigrate there. These people founded Americana, a city in Brazil.

The term 'carpetbagger' originated after the war when there was a huge influx of immigration to the South from the North. They all used carpetbags as a suitcase

By 1877, Grant, the new Pres. Withdrew all the federal troops from the South. This was the first sign of true peace to come.